Cloud-based HR & Payroll System

Workforce, Customizable and Expandable Cloud-based Human Resource & Payroll Management System

Access from anywhere anytime by used any devices connected to internet

no extra hardware investment

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Employee Profile

Centralization Manage Employees Profile with multiple companies and branches, multiple language, Multiple User, Unlimited Employees.



Various employee data

Enter and keep various employee data, including Company Information, personal information, Disciplinary information, Family, PCB, Assets holding, annual leave calculation and expandable depends on your request.

planning : add in Employee Attendance Performance, KPI and other administrative information.

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Employment Contract

Various Employees Contract settings for automatically calculate of Payroll, including OT, Good Attendance, Lateness, Shortness, Missed-clock, multiple- shift, night-shift, mid-night work, driver trip, PH rate and many more...

print Appointment Letter, Increment Letter, Confirmation Letter, Termination Letter

Leave Management

Employee can login to apply leave, Approve by Manager.

Able to Manage the Annual Leave and Sick Leave, and others like Unpaid Leave, Maternity Leave, paternity Leave, Replacement Leave, Rest Day for frontier worker, and able to add more leave depends on company requirement.

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Manager Approval

Managerial screen for Leave Approval.

E-mail can set for receive Leave Application, Leave Approval or Rejected procedure.

Employees Disciplinary

Record and Action taken for employees disciplinary

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Payslips generated by one button, and keep in server for access whenever needed.

Payslip can e-mail to employees or Employee can login to access their payslip.

Various Payslip Format

More then 20 payslip format provided.

New format able to add in upon request.

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Famous Payslip format

Payroll Information show on left, and informative data show on right.

bottom is Time Attendance.

Payroll Summary Report

Summary Report for Management Office.

Monthly Summary by employees, by months.

Yearly Summary by Employees, and by years, able to Print Employee EA Form, and company Form E.

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Time Attendance Link with Face Recognition Machine

Time Attendance Auto Import every morning.

Manage Employee Attendance in one screen, with Leave record and Rest Day record,

Generating a Summary for Payroll,

One Button generate payslip.

Other inputs

Input other amount for additions or deductions, like Worker Advance, Allowance, Employee Loans, and many more.

Extra Inputs can add in depends on requirement.

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